What do I get for my subscription?


Great question. There's so much to discuss, in a nutshell, you get one centralized place to maintain everything about your car show. You'll save countless hours of labor time (usually always donated time) when you use NationalShowCar.com car show software.

With a subscription you get:

  1. Car Show listings are labeled as "Premium" and show up at the top of the "All Shows" listing.
  2. Tools to manage all of your club's contacts.
    • Upload multiple contacts at one time with the Comma Separated Value (.csv) file upload feature.
      • Download the .csv template file that's available on the site
      • Use Microsoft Excel to manage contacts to be uploaded, simply "Save As" .csv file format.
  3. The ability to manage the following aspects of your car show: See what it looks like.
    • Record registrations for each show.
    • Track payments received, including separate promotional items and cruise fees.
    • Track all expenses for your show(s).
    • View a report that shows each registrant, how much the payed, owed, and any differences between the two.
    • View totals for each show that give totals of income, including the registrations, sponsors, vendors, promotional items sales, gate take (if applicable), and all expenses.
    • Setup show categories and list category winners.
    • Document awards by sponsors (if necessary) as well as award winners
    • You'll even be able to document Vendor tax information (keep Uncle Sam Happy), misc info, and location on your show site.
  4. Multiple printable reports.
  5. There's nothing to install on your computer which means no hassles with software updates, operating system limitations, etc.
  6. Because everything is web based, you only need web access to gain access to your data. If you have a laptop, tablet PC, iPad, or any other similar device with web access, you can continue to use these tools at the show location.
  7. No need to worry about system crashes, hardware or software failure, and you can give access to key members in your club who can then help manage the show from any computer that has internet access.
  8. There are no lengthy contracts. You can quit at any time. If you stop, the billing stops, then when you're ready, reactivate and all you data will be retained.